List Building: 21 Actionable Ways To Build An Email List (FAST)

List Buiding

If you want to learn how to build an email list from scratch…

There is one thing you NEED to know:

Offering free reports and random Lead Magnets no longer works.


What works?

Today I’m going to show you 21 Actionable List Building Techniques that are working right now.

let’s dive in.

1- Turn Your Homepage Into A Subscriber Magnet

A lot of website homepage looks like this :

List building homepage

If your homepage looks like that…

Let’s just say you are missing out on building your email list.

According to heatmap research data, the vast majority of people completely ignore your website sidebar.

Heat map list building

The Solution?

Add a Subscriber Magnet to your Sites Homepage.

What is a Subscriber Magnet?

It’s a Landing page added to your site homepage that attracts nothing but email Newsletter Subscribers

Here’s an example of a subscriber magnet

Noah kagan Optin Page

You can add a subscriber magnet to your site using LeadPages or Clickfunnels.

Or any other landing page builders

Next thing you want to do is :

Ensure you offer something that isn’t available anywhere online.

Robb Wolf offers access to his full library of eBooks and digital resources.

Lead magnet

Also on Noah Kagan Homepage, he is giving away 85% of his hottest business hack!

List Building offer

(can’t find that on any other website right?)

2-Turn Twitter Traffic Into Email Subscriber -(Fast)

If you are like me Twitter is your main social media source for traffic.

In other words, you share your content on Twitter to your followers

But you might be thinking :

How do you get traffic from twitter to convert into email subscribers?

I’ll explain:

First, find out what’s your target audience biggest problem.


Create a Lead Magnet to solve that problem.


Share your Lead Magnet on Twitter and add it as a pinned post.

That way whenever followers on Twitter visit your Profile, your Lead Magnet will be at the top of your Profile.

For Example,
Jeff Bullas Implemented this technique on his twitter profile.

Twitter Lead magnet

As you can see this lead magnet got 113 Retweets.

It gets better:

When visitors click on the link here’s what it looks like:

Squeeze page

A simple Squeeze Page.

3-Use Small Challenge To Boost Email Sign ups.

Don’t let the word Small In the title fool you :


This list building technique can bring Big Results.

I’ll explain :
Most website owners try to build an email list by offering weekly newsletters.


Not a fancy offer,

But offering a challenge would be more likely to get someone to sign up to your email list.


It has accountability built into it.

And people love to have accountability.

Especially when it comes to taking action…

In fact :

Pat Flynn Use this exact List building Strategy at Smart Passive Income


As you can see it a challenge about getting 100 email subscribers in 3 days!

In my opinion, anyone can get to 100 Email Sign-ups in 3 days.

If they apply the action steps from the challenge…

So how can you apply this technique to build your List?

Easy :

Offer something that’s achievable for your target audience.

For example, if you run a Blog in the productivity space.

You could offer a 1-week productivity challenge.

You get the idea…

4-Use The “EGP” Technique

Here’s the deal:

Guest posting can be VERY time-consuming.

For the amount of traffic and email subscribers you get.

That’s the bad news.

But here’s the good news:

The “Expanded Guest Post” technique.

A typical guest Post Conclusion looks like this :

Typical Guest Post

With a small link back to your website.

On average only 5% of readers will click on the link.

…Which means little to no traffic.

That’s where the Expanded Guest Post comes in…

Here’s how it works:

At the end of each guest post that you publish…

Offer bonus resources which complement the article that you wrote.

For example a checklist or extra bonus tips.

Here’s an example of an Expanded Guest Post in action…

Expanded Guest Post

You can create a separate Optin page on your site.

Which gets a link from your guest post

So you can collect email from the traffic you get from your guest post.

Pro Tip: Use the Expanded Guest Post if you have a new site or if you are starting from scratch with building your email list.

5-Get People to ‘Spin the Wheel’

You may have seen the “Spin the Wheel” Optin on a few Websites before right?

But that’s not all :

According to OptinMonster :

Gamified Opt-ins have been known to turn 2-3% conversions rates into conversion rates of 30% or more.

Gamify optin

Neil Patel also uses it on his website as a way to convert more visitors into Subscriber…

Neil Patel landing page

Use OptinMonster to add it to your website and double your Email List Subscribers Today.

Moving on to the next list building tip you can use to build an email list fast.

6-Double E-commerce Store Email Subscribers & Sales With This Hack

A few days ago I was going through the shoe listing on Clarks website

When this popped up:

Clarks offer

A 15% discount…

So I did what anyone would do.

I took the offer by entering my email.

But then 15 minutes after, I bought a shoe using the 15% discount code.

order Confirmation

So the end result:

They got a lead turned into a Customer. Me.

Now :

You might be thinking what does that have to do with building an email list.

Well, it’s Simple.

Offer a discount on your e-commerce store to new visitors.

Because to be honest if I didn’t get that 15% discount I wouldn’t make a purchase.


I would Still be sent an Abandoned Cart Email to finish my purchase.

because they capture my email Address when I accepted the 15% discount code.

Pro Tip: Use Welcome Mat Pop up to Offer Discount Code to new website Visitors. Use Sumo to add these to your site

7- Use Content Upgrades to Turn Readers Into Subscribers Instantly

If you want to get more email subscribers:

There’s is only one way that works like no other.

Content Upgrades

How does it work?

First, find the Pages on your blog that’s bringing in the most traffic.

Using Google Analytics

Google analytics

Once you find the top pages on your site…

Create a simple PDF or Checklist for that article that readers can use to implement the technique immediately after reading the post.

Then use Leadpages Leadbox feature to add an Optin box at the end of your article.

Lead box feature
Optin form

8-Use Quizzes to Improve Lead Quality

It’s no secret that Quizzes get website visitors engaged:

online quiz

But only when used the right way.

According to LeadQuizes:

The average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate.

You can add a Quiz to your website Using LeadQuizes

For Example, Ramit Sethi turns his whole homepage in a Lead Capture.

Using a Quiz.

Why does this work so well?

If someone is already engaged with your content or website they are much more likely to subscribe

And Quizzes have a high engagement rate.

You can also use quizzes as popup on your Site

quiz lead pop up

Pro Tip: Limit your Quiz questions to No More than 4 questions.
More than 4 questions and it gets overwhelming.

9-Make Offers Irresistible Using Power Words

If you want to get Website Visitors to stop scrolling :

You NEED to use Power Words

Now you might be wondering :

What are power words?

Power words are persuasive, emotional words that trigger a positive or negative response.

Add a few of these Power Words to your email newsletter or Lead Magnet copy to increase sign-ups.

  • “Secrets”
  • “Massive”
  • “Download”
  • “Proven”
  • “Featured”
  • “Discount”
  • “Life-Changing”
  • “FREE”
  • “Limited Time”
  • “Instantly”
  • “Exclusive”

Derek Halpern uses The Power Word FREE a lot in his offers

power words on optin

Go ahead Sprinkle a few of the others to your Optin Form.

10- Take Advantage Of Gold Mine On About Page

If you run a blog you already know that…

Your “About Page” is one of the most visited pages on your site.

But unfortunately most blog “About Page” looks something like this:

Blog About page

Unless you have no idea how to build an email list

You should take advantage of this underutilize page on your site.

Here’s why :

When Someone visits your About page they want to know more about you.

And there is no better opportunity to get them to sign up for your email list

But how?

Add a few Optin forms on your about page.

For example, Brian Dean from Backlinko

Include two Optin forms on his about page.

One at the top

Optin Form

And one at the bottom…

Email Newsletter

11-Use Gated Content to Skyrocket Engagement & Conversions

Collecting subscribers from your blog can be a bit difficult…

It can often feel as if Email Marketing is harder than it should with blogs.

Because most website visitors don’t even read an entire blog post.

According to a recent study done by HubSpot

43% of people admit to skimming blog posts.

But :

There is a solution for that…

Gated Content.

Using Gated Content Feature you will be able to collect email from website visitors even before they read your content.

Here’s an example of what the Gated Content feature looks like


How can you do the same thing?

Give away exclusive content that you only share with your email list.

Such as Case Studies,


Techniques that you don’t share on your blog.

Then use OptinMonster to add a Gaged Content feature to the content.

And your Set.

12 Leverage Media Mentions and Social Proof to Grow Your Email List.

Social Proof Works:

No doubt about that.

As Seth Godin mentions in his new book :

“What someone has to say about you is more powerful than what you have to say about yourself”

(That might not be exactly how he said it… But you get the idea)

So how do grow your email list with Social Proof?

Add Quotes from others (Influencers) on your Optin form

Social Proof

Also, add logos of media outlets that you have been featured on above or below your Optin Form…

Social Proof

That way new visitors will be more likely to sign up for your newsletters.

For example, Robbie Richards adds a ton of Social Proof to his homepage.


In Fact, his homepage is an example of technique # 4 from this post.

13-Use eCovers to Increase Perceived Value Of Lead Magnet.

Which of these offers look more Irresistible?

This :

Email Newsletter Offer

Or this


Definitely the one that shows the thing that you will get when you enter your email.

Here’s the deal :

Website Visitors are more likely to enter their email address

When there’s an image shown of the free gift.

Using an eCover (visual) will make prospects perceive your offer with more value.

Why is this important?

The higher the perceived value for your Lead Magnet the better it will convert..

For example :

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers used a custom design eCover for his lead magnet

How to get your first 5,000 subscribers…


You can get eCovers created by freelancers on Upwork or any other freelance sites

14-Use Humor Or Sarcasm In Your CTA’s “No, Thanks” Copy.

You might not be surprised to hear this:

…but I will say it anyway…

People hate to feel like they’ve made a bad choice

Or missed out on a great deal.

That’s why using humor or sarcasm on your “No thanks” Optin form button works so well.

here’s an example of this in action.


Even if you have a lot of leads it would be difficult to say no to that offer.

Check out another example of this e-commerce store offers:


So what’s the bottom line :

Add use Sarcasm on your “No Thanks” button instead of generic terms.

That way it will seem as if visitors are making stupid decisions by saying NO.

15-Use Two-Step Order Form to Capture Email Of Visitors From Shopping Cart

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 78.65%, according to recent studies.

That means you are losing more than half of all website traffic

Luckily there’s a solution:

Using Two-Step order forms

A two-step order form looks like this :

Order form

Customers enter their email address on the first step.

Order Form

Then their credit card on the second step…

That way if the prospect decides to leaves your shopping cart after the first step.

Luckily you have their email address to follow up with them

And according to Moosend More than 40% of cart abandonment emails get opened:

which results in a percent of sales.

What’s the Bottom Line :

Use Two-Step Order forms to Capture more emails and generate more sales from email follow up.

Most Shopping cart Software offers this option but I prefer to use Clickfunnels.

16- Add Pop-Up (With A Twist)

We all hate pop-ups.


(They are annoying.)

But here’s the truth about pop-ups:

Love them or hate them, they work…

Sumo reports that the top 10% of all pop-ups convert at 9.3 percent,

Pop-Up Conversion Rates

But here the deal:

There are other ways you can use popups to 10X your conversion rate…


Showing relevant pop-ups on your site.

Think about this for a second :

Let’s say you are reading a list post article about “10 Ways to Be More Productive.”

Then halfway through the article you see a pop-up offering a checklist you can use to apply these 10 productive tips.

My best guess is that you are much more likely to sign up for the checklist


If you saw a pop up offering you an Ebook on Paleo Diet Recipes.

So you want to add pop up on your site that compliments individual blog posts and articles on your site.

Pro Tip: Your Pop up offer should help readers take action Now!!!

17-The Poster Boy Formula

If you are starting an email list from scratch :

This should be your go-to Strategy.

The Poster Boy Formula…

Which was officially coined by Bryan Harris From VideoFruits

Image Source: (VideoFruit)

Here’s a simple break down of the technique

First Find a Company or influencer that has your target audience.

Next use their Product if its a Company or if its an influencer use one of their techniques…

Then, document your results in a case study…


Reach out to them and let them know about your results…

In certain instances, you can even offer your case study as a Guest Post.

Next, give away a Lead Magnet on your Site to get email Signups from the traffic they will send you.

Read the In-depth article here: Poster Boy Formula

18-Reverse Engineer Your Competitors List Building Strategy

Have you ever wondered:

What tools website owners use to collect emails on their site?

Keep reading:

First head over to builtwith.


Enter the website domain in the search bar and select “Lookup”.

And it will show you what email marketing tools they are using on their website.

This way you can reverse engineer what’s already working.

19-Turn First Time Commenters Into Subscribers

Here’s the truth about readers that comment on your blog:

…They love your content.

And if someone loves the type of content you write on your blog

They are more likely to sign up to your email list.

The problem is, they need a little Nudge

With that,

here’s the step by step process…

First, download the Comment Redirect WordPress plugin

Wordpress list Building Plugin

Next, Select Comment Redirect option from your WordPress sidebar.


And choose the Optin page you want first-time commenters to get redirected to…

(Choose your NewsLetter sign up page )


20-Get More Email Subscribers With Embedded Videos

Video Marketing is Huge:

Recent Study shows that video is above all other content preferred on the internet.

Image Source : (Hubspot)

But imagine if there was a way you could

Get visitors that watch your videos to sign up to your email list…

Fortunately, there’s an easy way.

Here the step by step process,

First, you want to use Wistia to host your videos…

Next, add the Wistia’s Turnstile feature to your Videos.

Image Source : (Wistia)

Then finally Embed a few of those videos on your site. (Where Relevant).

That way, once someone starts watching your videos…

They will see something like this :


…to watch to the end they need to enter their email address.

Not a Mind-blowing technique…


It gets the job done.

21- Funnel Facebook Page Visitors To Your Email List.

Studies shows :

Facebook is the second most-used platform globally

But the truth is :

It’s very hard to get those Visitors to Leave Facebook Platform.

Not to mention signing up to your email list.

Here’s a Quick and Dirty way to get more email sign-ups from Facebook traffic…

First, add a sign-up button to your Facebook Page.


Next, add a link to your landing page.


That way when someone clicks on the “Sign Up” button

They will be taken to your landing page to sign up to your email list.

Leave a comment to let me know which technique you’re going to try first.

Ready to use Content Upgrades?

Or maybe you want to try the Subscriber Magnet Technique?

Either way, leave a quick comment below right now.

Also, Let me know List Building Strategy You have already implemented…

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    • definitely… giving away something of value for free is the easiest and fastest way to grow your email list.

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