How To Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing In [2019]

How to build an email list for affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is really challenging when you don’t have an email list…

You know the feeling, don’t you?

You’ve poured all your energy into getting accepted for an affiliate program…

but then you realize that you have no audience to promote the affiliate product to.

What now ?…

That’s when you start to read tons of blog posts to find out how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

But there is no reason to do that after you read this article because I will show you how to build an email list for affiliate marketing Step by Step…

also, a few strategies that will teach you the right way to make money with an email list.


Ok, Let’s dive in

*Outline Your List Building Strategy

*How to Create an Epic Squeeze Page that Converts Like Crazy.

*3 Proven Strategies To Build A Massive Email List With Affiliate Marketing 

*Best Email Service For Affiliate Marketing

*Bonus Tips- Turn Social Media Followers Into Email Subscribers 

Outline Your List Building Strategy

Let’s admit it.

Building an email list can be overwhelming. So many different advice about how you should build your email list.

You keep hearing: “the money is in the list”

But here’s the deal:

If you don’t have a solid foundation on how you are going to build your list all the other strategies that you will try will fail. 

But I am not going to let that happen to you.

So let’s outline your list building strategy right now. 

Step #1- Discover your adience pain and frustration. 

If you cant identify your audience pain points and frustration… Guess What? 

You are going to have a hard time to get anyone to sign up for your email list. 

Here’s why…

In order to get your audience’s attention, you have to show them that you can solve their problem. That’s why you want to find out their pain points and frustration.

The first thing you need do is write down all the problems your target audience is facing.

For example, If you are an “SEO expert“, some of the problems your target audience would be facing are:

  • Unable to drive traffic to their site
  • Cant rank on the firsts page of google
  • Need more links to increase rankings

And the list goes on.

BONUS: Exclusive List Building Strategies that will show you how to quickly build your email list. Includes Proven list building techniques not found in this post.

let’s look at another example if your target audience is bloggers. Then some of their pain points would be :

  • Unable to Writing Viral Blog post.
  • Struggle to Increase Traffic to their Site.
  • Unable to Make Money Blogging.

At this point, you should have an idea of the problems and frustrations your target audience is facing… Give your self a high five, write them down and let’s move on to the next step.

Step#2- Brain Storm The Perfect Solution.

With a clear idea of the problems that your audience is facing, you now have the perfect start to know what solution they are looking for and how you can help them. (This is really important)

At this stage, you want to brainstorm the solutions you will be offering to your target audience to solve their problem.

Let’s use the previous example from step 1 for this.

If your a blogging expert and your target audience are facing the following problems, what are some solutions that you could create to help them?


  • Unable to Writing Viral Blog post.
  • Struggle to Increase Traffic to their Site.
  • Unable to Make Money Blogging.

 Here are some of the solutions you could use to solve their problems. 

Problem- Struggle to Increase Website Traffic.

Solution- A step by step detail guide on how to promote their blog to get more traffic

Problem- Unable to Make Money Blogging.

Solution- A Checklist with the best ways to monetize a blog.

Note- You don’t have to come up with a perfect solution, it just needs to help your target audience get past the roadblock they are struggling to overcome, which is the problem.

Once you complete the brainstorming process its time to move on.

Step#3- Bridge The Gap

You have identified the solution that you are going to offer to your target audience successfully, now its time to “bridge the gap”.

What do I mean by this? 

It’s basically packaging the solution to give to your target audience which will help them get from point A (problem) to point B (solution).

The way you package your solution to offer to your target audience is up to you but here are some ways you can package your solution.

  • Email Course.
  • Lead Magnet
  • Video Series
  • Free Online Course.
  • Free PDF Guide
  • Checklist 

Heres an example of a well-packed solution, an email course created by Buffer that helps Social Media Marketers with Growth strategies.


Whatever your solution is you want to package it in a way that provides a clear benefit of what the outcome is.

Also, you want to package the solution as a lead magnet or something you can give away for free in exchange for an email address. That’s how you are going to “Bridge The Gap”

How to Create an Epic Squeeze Page that Converts Like Crazy.

At this point, you have already done 80% of the work from outlining your list building strategy. 

The truth is: 

Most marketers start off their list building campaign by building a Squeeze page first, But we are working the smart way here. 

The idea is to find a lock then build a key to open it. Not build a key then run around trying to find a lock to fit it. 

Anyhoo let’s continue.

Step #1- Craft Your Headline.

The first thing you want to do when building a squeeze page is to craft your headline.

The process is really simple. 

The important thing is to have a clear outcome in your headline. (which is the solution to the problem you identified earlier)

For example, on my homepage, I clearly outline to my audience that I will help them“Grow An Email List Without Stress”. 

Email Headline

That’s the outcome I am promising in my headline.

Don’t worry about writing your headline from scratch. here are some headline formulas that you can use to create your Headline

headline formula 1
Headline formula 2
Headline formula 3

Step #2- Craft Your Offer.

Solid headline… Check.

Now its time to Craft your offer. 

Luckily you already know what your Offer is going to be from the work you did in earlier from the outline process

All you need to do at this point is to write your headline around your offer using one of the headline formulas.

What do I mean by this? 

The headline you craft should be offering your solution as the outcome to your target audience problem.

Once your offer (solution) is “baked” into your headline. Let’s start building the squeeze page.

Step #3- Build Your Squeeze Page.

You might already know how to build a squeeze page but if you don’t 

Here how to do it.

Option #1-Use a WordPress plugin

There are many different WordPress plugins that you can use to build a squeeze page for your WordPress site.

Here are my personal recommendations. 

#1 ThriveThemes

This is the tool I use to build all the pop-up forms and landing pages on my site.


ThriveThemes have everything you need for your list building campaign if you’re using WordPress. 

You will get an Optin form and landing page builder included with your membership and other conversion focus plugin.

Other WordPress plugins you can use are:

Option #2-Use A Landing Page Builder.

When it comes on to using landing page builders there are many different options that you can use to create Squeeze pages and landing pages to build an email list for affiliate Marketing

But the two easiest to use is :

Clickfunnels and  Leadpages.

By now you should know what tool is the best for you. 

So here are some squeeze page examples that can use for inspiration.

Derek halpern Homepage
Jeff-Bullas squeeze page
Tim-Ferris homepage

Just make sure your Headline has a clear benefit and include a strong call to action.

3 Proven Strategies To Build A Massive Email List With Affiliate Marketing 

Want to know how to Skyrocket your Email list Growth?

In this section, I am going to reveal 3 of my all-time best email list build Strategies that you can use to increase the growth of your email list. 

Specifically, We are going to be building a profitable email list to promote your affiliate products.

Instead of trying 100 different strategies, You can use these 3 techniques.

Technique #1- Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are one of my favorite strategies when it comes on to building a profitable email list from your blog.

Here how it works.

The first step is to find the most visited blog post on your site using Google analytics

Google analytics

Once you identify your best performing content. 

The next step is to create a unique offer/lead magnet for that content.

The offer can be anything that will help your audience implement what you outline in your blog post.

For example, if your content was about 7 ways to increase Twitter followers in 30-days. 

You could create a content upgrade of a checklist with some bonus tips on how to grow twitter account fast.

Once you create the checklist. 

All you need to do is use Thrive Leads to create an Opt-in form which you will add to your blog post.

Or you can use a link trigger opt-in form like this:

link-trigger optin
Pop-up Optin

And that all there is to the content upgrade technique.

Technique #2-The Upside-Down Homepage.

The upside-down homepage is where you create a homepage for your website that performs one single action… Collect emails. 

Here’s an example.

Noah kagan homepage

Here why the Upside down HomePage works…

Unlike, Most WordPress websites where the home page is full of links and different content for visitors to read.


The upside-down homepage offers visitors only one option. A solution to their problem at the top of your homepage so its the first thing they will see when they visit your website. 

As you can see this is the exact technique I used on my site.

conversions lab landing page

If you are serious about converting email subscribers on your blog I recommend you use Thrive Architect to create an Upside-down homepage 

There are tons of different templates that you can choose from.


Technique #3- The EPG Technique

You might be wondering what is the EPG Technique? 

Its the “Expanded Guest Post Technique”

So how does it work? 

All you need to do is provide a checklist, guide or any other resource as the link in your author byline from your guest post which will take readers to a dedicated squeeze page on your website where they will opt-in for the free guide or checklist.

I personally funnel traffic from guest posts to my about page.


In my opinion, the leads that convert from my about page are higher Quality leads vs leads I generate from a regular squeeze page with a lead magnet.

Heres why? 

When someone visits my about page from a guest post that I write on another site and they read my about page I tell them how I can help them and what they can expect from my content, As you can see in the screenshot above…

That way, when they receive my newsletter they will be more likely to open my emails.

On the other hand, a person that converts from a squeeze page with a lead magnet might only Opt-in to get the free gift.

You can learn more about the “About Page” list building technique here.

Best Email Service For Affiliate Marketing

This might come as a surprise to you…

Not all email marketing software allows you to promote affiliate offers.

for example, MailChimp doesn’t allow you to promote affiliate offers with their email marketing software. 

If you try to promote any affiliate offers you will be blocked from using the tool. Seriously. Its no joke and there are many other email marketing software that doesn’t allow affiliate marketing.

So that’s why in this section I am going to share with you the best email marketing tools you can use to send emails to promote your affiliate offers.

#1- Aweber

Aweber home

The first tool on the list is Aweber. 

It’s simple and easy to use email marketing tool that you can use to send emails to promote your affiliate offers.

You get access to features such as: 

  • Drag and drop email creation
  • Email Automations
  • Powerful analytics dashboard
  • A/B Split testing
  • Mobile friendly Pre-built Email templates

If you are a beginner with email marketing I would recommend using Aweber as it is easy to use and easy to set up email sequences to promote affiliate offers

Sign up for a 14-day Trial Here

#2 Active Campaign


Active campaign is the master of email automation. The tool has tons of cool features that you can use to improve most of your email marketing efforts. 

You can even build out full automation to funnel subscribers that take specific actions in your email sequence.

Automation email

You can also choose the type of automation you want to create from automation the dashboard.


#3- ConvertKit

One of the most user-friendly email marketing tools you can find for affiliate marketing is ConvertKit.


If you are serious about building a responsive email list ConvertKit is what you should be using.

It is built for creators. So If that sounds like you then give it a shot.

Bonus Tips- Turn Social Media Followers Into Email Subscribers 

Do you have social media following that you want to convert into Email Subscribers? 

Then you’re going to love this bonus strategy. In fact, I will be sharing two tips you can use to build your email list for affiliate marketing from social media.

Funnel Traffic From Twitter

If you have a following on twitter but have no idea how to turn that following into email subscriber this technique is for you.

The first step is to create a dedicated squeeze page with a lead magnet that your target audience wants…

Check out Nathan’s Case Study on how to create a high converting Squeeze page.

If you are not sure what type of lead magnet to use go back to the “outline your list building strategy” step.

Once you have your lead magnet and squeeze page fully setup.. 

The next step is to create a twitter card with your lead magnet

Then set it as a pinned tweet from your twitter profile.


That way when subscribers visit your twitter profile and click the link it will direct them to your squeeze page.

BONUS: Exclusive List Building Strategies that will show you how to quickly build your email list. Includes Proven list building techniques not found in this post.

Build an Email List from Youtube.

There are tons of youtube creators that have thousands of subscribers on their channel but don’t have an email list. Don’t be that guy or gal!

Your email list is the most important asset in your business.

So here are the steps to build your email list from youtube.

First, create a youtube video teaching a few Actionable Strategies. 

Then at the end of the video add a CTA (call to action) for a free downloadable checklist or any other resource that relates to the topic in the video.

For example, Vanessa Lau used this exact strategy to grow her email list in the early days of her YouTube channel.


So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these strategies to grow your email list Today.


By now you should know what exactly you should be doing to build your email list for your affiliate marketing business.

Even if you are not an affiliate Marketer, building an email list is still important if you want to have a profitable business online.

And this is the exact step by step process that will help you grow your email list fast.

Leave a comment below and let me know whats your “Biggest Struggle” when it comes on to building a profitable email list.

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